Make teaching code easy with interactive automatically marked exercises!

There isn't always a right or wrong in programming. There are multiple ways to solve the same problem. Code Marker UK provides teachers and students with hundreds of exercises that can be solved using different coded solutions. The exercises are also made to match the OCR, AQA and Edexcel Specifications for both GCSE/iGCSE and A Level.

The automatic marking system stores students' results to create a mark book for the teacher, which can be viewed online or downloaded as a spreadsheet. We understand that marking can be time-consuming, so by reducing your workload we can let you focus on what matters.

Think about the time you could save

Save time on the laborious task of shuffling through worksheets, exam papers or programs to mark them. Also, on the need to enter the results of all your students into a spreadsheet. The goal of Code Marker is to lighten the heavy workload of teachers by removing the need to mark numerous pieces of work, giving teachers more time to focus on educating their pupils.

Marking programming is already fundamentally challenging and to quantify this even more so. Therefore, we teamed up with teaching experts in the field to develop a system that not only provides hundreds of exercises but also marks the exercises for you. This generates tables and spreadsheets with all your students' results providing teachers with meaningful data to assess and support their pupils. This can help highlight areas that students need to revisit or where they require more support.

This assists teachers by creating meaningful data without the need to mark. Saving teachers time so that they can focus on other areas such as pedagogy, lesson plans or creating resources.

Built with pedagogy in mind

The Code Marker exercises are based on research in Computer Science Education and are developed by experienced teachers to introduce programming tasks through instructional scaffolding. The exercises introduce a programming problem with part of the solution already completed and with code comments instructing students on what to do. As students progress on to the next task a similar problem is presented but with less instruction allowing them to solve the problem with what they have learnt previously, building on their understanding and reinforcing concepts.

There are two main areas, GCSE and A Level, which cover all relevant Exam Boards' Specification. Including core concepts such as Sequence, Selection, Iteration, Functions, Logic and Operators. With expansion at A Level to cover areas such as Recursion, OOP, Advanced Data Structures, Sorting and Searching Algorithms. This should also help make teaching the more challenging concepts of A Level easier for both teachers and students. The exercises are in the Python programming language, a popular choice amongst educators due to its concise syntax. Reducing the cognitive load of the learner to increase the rate of learning and retention of information.

Affordable for schools, teachers & parents

All of this is provided at only £67.99 a year per teacher and completely free for students, which works out to be £5.67 a month, the price of lunch! Our goal was to ensure that the entire system was affordable enough for schools and teachers. This includes 220+ GCSE and A Level activities, solutions to the exercises, and a downloadable spreadsheet. The self-marking activities on the website can also be used as a supplementary resource to complement traditional forms of assessment, such as worksheets and exam questions.